Santo Adventure Part 1

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] We are on an offshore adventure to the exotic Island of Espiritu Santo in the Vanuatu Island archipelago. There is no other way to put it – the fish species available here are awesome, and the location stunning. We have some phenomenal sessions with some very tough fish and we don’t get […]

Santo Adventure Part 2

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] We’ve already landed dogtooth tuna, giant trevally, big yellow fin, and line burning wahoo – we continue to catch these fish but all our encounters with blue marlin have left us with bare hooks and broken lines. We come to the end of our epic voyage but things are starting to get […]

Ultimate Dog Fight

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] After Flying to Noumea, Matt and the team board the sport fishing ‘dream-boat’ Ultimate Lady and travel 480 nautical miles to visit an uninhabited group of atolls and reefs that are loaded with fish. The fishing in this episode is phenomenal – even the experienced team on Ultimate Lady were left in […]

GBT Madness Part 1

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] The size and power of Giant Bluefin Tuna seem to defy nature, it doesn’t seem possible that a fish could grow so big and swim so fast. Well now you can check out the insane footage as Matt and the team encounter packs of powerhouse tuna and capture the very essence of […]

GBT Madness Part 2

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] The exciting conclusion to part one, big tuna get landed, big tuna get lost, and we stop fishing to jump in the water and hand feed some of these monsters. The action and suspense is almost unbearable, and the underwater footage is stunning! [/column][column type=”1/2″ last=”true” class=”post-description”][/column][column type=”1/1″][x_video_embed class=”my-video”] [/x_video_embed] [custom_headline type=”left” […]

Santo Adventure

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] Where do you go for a fishing adventure when you are already in Vanuatu experiencing some of the best fishing in the Pacific? The answer is you set sail on a one hundred mile journey to fish through out an unspoiled group of tropical islands. Hold on because this one is full […]