Great White Handline

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] The mission to capture and release a Great white shark and gather important research data comes to an exciting climax. Starting the day with one small plastic lure matt works his way up the food chain to the very apex where he presents a bait to a huge Great white shark. Having […]

Great White Part 2

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] With lessons learned from their encounters with the most fearsome of all sharks. Matt and the team engage in some huge tussles in an effort to secure a great white shark and take a DNA sample. These are the largest fish ever witnessed by our experienced group of anglers and veteran Chatham […]

GBT Madness Part 1

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] The size and power of Giant Bluefin Tuna seem to defy nature, it doesn’t seem possible that a fish could grow so big and swim so fast. Well now you can check out the insane footage as Matt and the team encounter packs of powerhouse tuna and capture the very essence of […]

GBT Madness Part 2

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] The exciting conclusion to part one, big tuna get landed, big tuna get lost, and we stop fishing to jump in the water and hand feed some of these monsters. The action and suspense is almost unbearable, and the underwater footage is stunning! [/column][column type=”1/2″ last=”true” class=”post-description”][/column][column type=”1/1″][x_video_embed class=”my-video”] [/x_video_embed] [custom_headline type=”left” […]

Great White Part 1

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] With only days remaining before a ban is to be placed on fishing for Great White Sharks Matt and the team embark on their most ambitious adventure yet – To catch and release a 2000lb Great White Shark at the Chatham Islands. The Sharks were bigger and more plentiful than anticipated and […]