Tidal Whiting

Andy Collett and Bill Classon fish Welshpool with fresh baits to entice some whiting.

Multi-Luring the Estuary

Nige Webster and Chris Raimondi put some soft plastics through their paces in a tropical estuary.

Moreton Bay Whiting

Where, when and how to catch Moreton Bay winter whiting on artificial baits.

Southern Whiting Tactics

South Australia is the home of big whiting; Lenny and Nige show you some simple bait fishing techniques to ensure you head home with a good feed.

Tidal Whiting Techniques

Whiting are an estuary favourite in most places. Bill teaches you how to catch southern fish in strongly tidal systems.

Estuary Surface Whiting

Rod Walmsley and Peter Herbst share great lessons on catching whiting in the estuary on surface lures.

Tweed River

Estuary fishing tips for the Tweed River, NSW.