Landbased Luderick

Estuary rockwalls are popular places to chase luderick. Learn how a simple holiday outfit, a bucket of weed and a float will help you catch plenty of these popular estaury favourites.

Downrigging Mackerel

Boat pressure offshore will often push pelagic species deeper to feed. Sound downrigging and livebaiting technique will help you catch those fish that other anglers are missing!

Scented Southern Tuna Trolling

Southern bluefin tuna love a trolled skirted lure. Add bait to a unique type of skirt and you have a recipe for success.

Port Stephens Getaway

Hit the holiday road with a Sydney working family and learn how they go about catching plenty of bread-and-butter species from the beach and estuary at Port Stephens.

Mini-Jigging The Reef

Bait and soft plastic lures are not always the best option when targeting reef species. Learn an easy drifting and jigging technique using small metal lures that will help you catch plenty of reef and pelagic species.

NT Barra Trolling

Join Bill and Kane as they troll some deeper diving hardbody lures for NT barra.

Southern Whiting Tactics

South Australia is the home of big whiting; Lenny and Nige show you some simple bait fishing techniques to ensure you head home with a good feed.

Melbourne Trout

Backyard trout in the Melbourne ‘burbs is not a myth. Join Bill as he explores some skinny water city trout options.

Patagonia Jurassic Trout

Patagonia has the reputation of hosting some of the biggest trout waters in the world. Join Bill and crew as they adventure into some very special territory.

Northern Trout

Join the crew targeting sizeable rainbow trout in skinny NSW highland waters. Good soft plastic lure techniques are a hit with these fish!