Timber Bass

Nige Webster and Adrian Lindsay fish submerged structures in Borumba Dam for Bass.

Multi-Luring the Estuary

Nige Webster and Chris Raimondi put some soft plastics through their paces in a tropical estuary.

Snobs Creek Cod

Bill Classon joins Marc Ainsworth fish Lake Eildon for Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

Soft Plastic Baiting

Nige Webster and Pete Morris throw some soft plastics in Estuary, while Adam Royter tries his luck offshore with the same lures.

Soft Prawn Barra

Troy Dixon joins Nige to chase a few wild barra on the Fitzroy River.

The Snapper Drum

Nige Webster and Mitch Bertacchini fish Port Phillip Bay to land snapper.

A Tassie Adventure

Trevor Hawkins and Marcus Saunders fly fish Brumbys Creek in Tasmania for Trout.

Stickbaiting Trout

Nige uses soft stickbaits to hunt for trout in the lakes of the Snowy Mountains.