Southern Surface Bass

Bill Classon and Nige Webster head to Blue Rock Dam in Victoria, to try and catch Nige his first southern bass.

Baiting Chinooks

Bill Classon and Scott Gray head out to Lake Bullen Merri to fish for the stocked Chinook Salmon!

Mallacoota Fishing Weekend

Bill Classon and Chris Parkinson fish a weekend away at Mallacoota – one of Victoria’s biggest estuary systems.

Trolling Impoundment Cod

AFN’s general manager Debbie joins Bill Classon and Nige Webster for a relaxing afternoon fishing for impoundment cod.

Tidal Whiting

Andy Collett and Bill Classon fish Welshpool with fresh baits to entice some whiting.

Snobs Creek Cod

Bill Classon joins Marc Ainsworth fish Lake Eildon for Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

The Snapper Drum

Nige Webster and Mitch Bertacchini fish Port Phillip Bay to land snapper.

Polaroiding Coral Flats

Sight fishing the shallows of the Coral Sea. Polaroiding and casting hardbody sinking stickbaits and soft plastics.

Melbourne Murray Cod

How to target Melbourne’s Murray cod on deep diving lures. Techniques on casting, retrieving deep diving lures in current, and when to best use this approach.

Ballarat Trout

Ballarat is known around the world for its amazing tourist destinations. Anglers will also appreciate the wonderful trout fishing in Lake Wendouree.

Werribee River Bream

Bill Classon and Brad Hodges hit the Werribee River to target Bream and Jewfish.