Hard & Soft Micro-Jigging

Armed with both hard and soft lures, Nige Webster heads to ‘The House of Pain’, home to some huge pelagics.

Baiting Chinooks

Bill Classon and Scott Gray head out to Lake Bullen Merri to fish for the stocked Chinook Salmon!

Finesse Jigging Bass

Jason Ehrlich and Callum Munro head out to Lake Borumba to catch some elusive bass!

PR Knot

Ross Gould demonstrates the PR Knot – one of the most popular knots in the sport fishing scene.

Kane-It Knot

Ross Gould demonstrates the Kane-It Knot – invented by NT angler Kane Dysart.

Triple Lure Trout Challenge

The challenge has been thrown down to Nige – fish Lake Jindabyne with three different lures and catch a trout on each!

FG Knot

Learn how to tie the FG knot – a must for heavy tackle lure enthusiasts.

Mallacoota Fishing Weekend

Bill Classon and Chris Parkinson fish a weekend away at Mallacoota – one of Victoria’s biggest estuary systems.

Lewis Loop

Learn to tie the “Lewis Loop” knot – pioneered by northern bass anglers.