Timber Bass

Nige Webster and Adrian Lindsay fish submerged structures in Borumba Dam for Bass.

Southern Surface Bass

Bill Classon and Nige Webster head to Blue Rock Dam in Victoria, to try and catch Nige his first southern bass.

Baiting Chinooks

Bill Classon and Scott Gray head out to Lake Bullen Merri to fish for the stocked Chinook Salmon!

Finesse Jigging Bass

Jason Ehrlich and Callum Munro head out to Lake Borumba to catch some elusive bass!

Triple Lure Trout Challenge

The challenge has been thrown down to Nige – fish Lake Jindabyne with three different lures and catch a trout on each!

Trolling Impoundment Cod

AFN’s general manager Debbie joins Bill Classon and Nige Webster for a relaxing afternoon fishing for impoundment cod.

Surface Sooties

Bill Classon and Kane Dysart go hunting for Sooty grunters on the Reynolds River.

Snobs Creek Cod

Bill Classon joins Marc Ainsworth fish Lake Eildon for Murray Cod and Golden Perch.

Soft Prawn Barra

Troy Dixon joins Nige to chase a few wild barra on the Fitzroy River.

A Tassie Adventure

Trevor Hawkins and Marcus Saunders fly fish Brumbys Creek in Tasmania for Trout.

Stickbaiting Trout

Nige uses soft stickbaits to hunt for trout in the lakes of the Snowy Mountains.

Lipless Crankbaiting Trout

Good techniques for targeting lake trout on lipless crankbaits. Gillies Natural Vibro lures, light spin rods, reels and lines. Snowy mountain lakes.

Kayak Murray Cod

Northern NSW Murray cod. Kayak fishing with spinnerbaits in skinny waters.

Melbourne Murray Cod

How to target Melbourne’s Murray cod on deep diving lures. Techniques on casting, retrieving deep diving lures in current, and when to best use this approach.