Mallacoota Fishing Weekend

Bill Classon and Chris Parkinson fish a weekend away at Mallacoota – one of Victoria’s biggest estuary systems.

Bream: Lure Vs Bait

Tom Tierney shows Nige Webster one of his favourite secret bream spots – where two approaches go head to head!

Tidal Whiting

Andy Collett and Bill Classon fish Welshpool with fresh baits to entice some whiting.

Soft Bream’n

Will Lee and Ryan Dixon hunt for Bream on soft plastics.

Multi-Luring the Estuary

Nige Webster and Chris Raimondi put some soft plastics through their paces in a tropical estuary.

Soft Plastic Baiting

Nige Webster and Pete Morris throw some soft plastics in Estuary, while Adam Royter tries his luck offshore with the same lures.

The Snapper Drum

Nige Webster and Mitch Bertacchini fish Port Phillip Bay to land snapper.

Moreton Bay Whiting

Where, when and how to catch Moreton Bay winter whiting on artificial baits.

Kayak Flathead Basics

Ever wanted to catch flathead from a kayak? Nige Webster and Justin Wilmer will show you everything you need to know to be successful.

Downrigging Tailor

Andrew McGovern and Greg Reid are downrigging for tailor on the south coast of NSW.

Luring NSW Salmon

Andrew and Mitch McGovern are on the hunt for salmon using soft plastics in New South Wales.

Estuary Basics

Nige explores a New South Wales estuary to show you all the basics for fishing in waterways of this type.