Oz Fish TV – Season 3 Episode 6 – Triple Threat

The Oz Fish crew branch off to cover three locations in this fun episode of Oz Fish TV, Micky Dee and Chris jump aboard The Plover to catch a ride on Bay Fish N Trips, The Hoff spends a few days in South Australia testing the waters, and Steph heads up into the high country, to try her luck in the streams.

Oz Fish TV – Season 3 Episode 10 – Westernport Landbased

Not all good fishing spots require long walks, Stockyard Point is one well known landbased fishing spot in Westernport, Victoria, but for some people, the long walk can be daunting. However, as we’re about to show you, there are other alternatives.

Oz Fish TV – Season 3 Episode 13 – Westernport Mega Squid

Catching Squid in western port bay with Michael Del Marco, Chris Monnier, & Jesse (Hoff), we head out in their new Brooker Boat Chasing a few Squid. The next day, one of Micks customers from the shop wanted Mick to teach him how to catch Squid, & he was not disappointed.

Oz Fish TV – Season 3 Episode 1

Join the Oz Fish TV crew in season 3 at lake Tyers on the 90 mile beach as they head down to lake Tyers and hit the lakes with a bit of kayak fishing.

Oz Fish TV – Season 3 Episode 4 – Lochsport

Join Michael and his partner Kim from Oz Fish TV as they venture down to Loch Sport, battling the bad weather to go fishing, staying at the Loch Sport Caravan Park, fishing on the 90 mile beach, and throwing in some prawning too.