Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 6

pisode 6 takes the Oz Fish crew to the Australian Shark and Ray Centre in Dandenong, where Charlotte, Lachlan and Brianna jump in the ponds to feed some cartilaginous critters. Later, the cameras jump to Corinella Pier, where crystal clear waters grant the team an opportunity at some southern calamari.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 13

In the finale of Season 2, Micky Dee and Chris meet up with Charlie Micallef, and jump on board his charter, Savage Seas Adventures, they begin with some bait collection, and later move further offshore, in search of bigger and bitier things.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 4

Appropriately named after the objective of this episode, a few mates and members of the Oz Fish TV team hit the piers of Port Phillip Bay, ‘hopping’ from pier to pier in search of southern calamari. The episode then takes a turn towards Flinders Pier, where the hunt for larger sized squid begins.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 1

The first episode of Season 2 begins in Westernport, on the sandy, muddy banks of Stockyard point, where Micky Dee, The Hoff, along with Michael and Steve, chase gummy sharks off the land. The second half of the episode splits locations, sending Jesse to Balcombe Creek, wile Michael, Chris and Brad hit Mt Martha Rocks.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 2

The Oz Fish TV crew head to Powlett River in search of the timid and intelligent black bream, later, Mick and Jesse head to Kilcunda surf beach, to try their luck at some salmon fishing.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 3

The third episode of Oz Fish TV takes place entirely on the Lang Lang wall, where the hunt for a Westernport elephant fish begins, but is rudely interrupted by some nice gummy sharks!

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 5

As Chris makes his way to New Zealand on some personal business, he stops by on a local charter to do some filming, later, Oz Fish jumps on board Reel Obsession Charters out of San Remo in search of gummy sharks and elephant fish.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 7

The Hoff and his mate, Shannon shoot down to Hazelwood pondage, an excellent family fishing lake, full of weird and wonderful tropical fish. Later, Micky Dee and The Hoff don the waders, and prepare to wade the streams of Rubicon River, in search of brook trout.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 8

Michael Arthur, Micky Dee and The Hoff head to Emerald Lake, chasing some of the DEPI Fisheries’ stocked rainbow trout. Afterwards, Chris, Mick, Mark the minion and Jesse meet with local, Turi at Screw Creek, where they begin the search for the elusive estuary perch.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 9

In this special episode of Oz Fish TV, we take a look back at some of the bloopers, mistakes and fumbles throughout the series. We also view a series of ‘one off’ catches, that were either unique, or didn’t make an episode.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 10

Episode 10 begins at Capacity Sports, a kayak specialist store that sells Native Watercraft kayaks. Micky Dee and Chris each choose a ‘yak, and later take them out to Mornington for a fish. The episode ends on board Anchors Away Charters, where Wayne and Corey get the crew on to some beautiful Winter whiting.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 11

Episode 11 features a kayak segment in Martha Cove featuring Micky Dee, Chris and Rowan Butler, later, the Hoff joins some friends, Chris Colby, Michael Arthur and Piotr Pomorski to target a few stocked rainbow trout in Lakeside, Pakenham. In the final segment of this episode, we see Steph and Chris join Malke from Lonestar Marine for a Westernport fish.

Oz Fish TV – Season 2 Episode 12

Chris joins Minister of Ports, David Hodgett, interviewing him on the improvements on Mornington Pier, and other areas. Later, we jump to Grantville Pier where Micky Dee and The Hoff try, and try, and try again for a Winter gummy. Finally, this episode ends on a session at Inverloch with Micky Dee, Mark the Minion, Scott and Kerry, where they go for some simple bread and butter fishing off the beach.