Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 1

In the very first episode of Oz Fish TV, Mick and Chris take their daughters to Rhyll Trout Farm to have a crack at a few rainbow trout. The following day, they meet up with Hoff and meet Steph at Cowes Pier, where they have a great day of fishing and plenty of good memories.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 2

This episode of Oz Fish TV, Mick and Chris head off with Warneet Boat Hire to chase a few southern calamari around quail bank, followed by a trip out of Mornington on board ‘The Plover’ for a charter with Bay Fish N Trips.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 3

Mick Joins Mark Stock down at Tenby point to target a few landbased gummy sharks, bringing the whole Oz Fish TV crew down the next night for another session of gummy shark fun.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 4

This episode of Oz Fish TV starts off in Cardinia Lakes, Pakenham, where the team have some fun on some local Redfin with Michael Arthur, they later head to a small dam stocked with silver perch to give lures and worms a shot.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 5

Oz Fish TV, Season 1, Episode 5 begins at the Gotcha Bait and Burley Tooradin factory, where we learn how Gotcha package their Bait and Burley. We then head over to Mornington Boat Hire, where Mick and Hoff chase a few little squid for a bit of fun.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 6

The Oz Fish TV crew’s trip to Golden Beach, found along the 90 Mile Beach wouldn’t have been complete without a few nice fish and the odd camping failure!

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 8

In the 8th episode of Season 1, the Oz Fish TV crew head down to Patterson river, where the mulloway are on a hot bite. They catch and release a few of these beautiful elusive fish, and a surprise visit from a big bream gives Steph a great little fight.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 9

During the filming of season 1, there were a few fish that didn’t make episodes, for all different reasons. We decided we wanted to include these moments in an episode, thus creating the ‘One-offs’ episode.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 10

In a small damn in Mornington, Chris and Mick teach a few kids how to fish during the Oz Fish TV Kids’ Day, getting them on to some short-finned eels and a little redfin. The dynamic duo then head over to Westernport, to chase whiting with Paul from Boab boat hire.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 11

Out Lake Tyers journey begins with terrible weather, but as the weather cleared up, so did the fishing! With some beautiful dusky flathead making an appearance and a few nice dinners at the Waterwheel Beach Tavern to top it all off.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 12

The crew hops on board Pirate Mick’s pontoon after a stop at his yabby dam to learn a little bit about our favourite little freshwater crays. Drifting down tyers, the crew have a great little scenery tour and a bit of a fish. That night, they head down to the lake to enjoy a spot of prawning with Jarrod Day.

Oz Fish TV – Season 1 Episode 13

The final episode of the season ends with a bang, reef fishing the beautiful reefs of Bass Straight with Tony from Far Out Charters – Lakes Entrance, a fantastic mixed bag is produced as well as a couple of beautiful gummies.