Fishing’s Greatest Hits Volume 2

From big snapper off the rocks to some very unique footage of marlin, kingfish and snapper – all caught around the New Zealand coastline – Fishing’s Greatest Hits Volume 2 has all of the elements that make fishing great!

Fishing for Snapper

Matt Watson and the team explore a range of different snapper habitats around New Zealand and use a range of methods, baits and techniques to catch a whole lot of big snapper!

Blue Water Fishing Techniques

Former professional big game fisherman and ITM Fishing Show presenter, Matt Watson, demonstrates all the latest techniques to help you catch the fish of your dreams.

Fishing’s Greatest Hits Volume 1

From catching a marlin on a hand line, to the most frenzied land based snapper fishing ever seen, Fishing’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 will inform, entertain and thrill every angler!

Old School Marlin Fishing

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] Immortalised in Zane Grey’s epic novel, ‘Tales of the Anglers Eldorado’, the Alma G is one of the first boats to actively game fish is the Bay of Islands. In this program, Matt Watson undertakes to relive the glory days of the pioneers and armed with tackle and techniques from the period, […]

Ultimate Fishing Adventures Volume 2 – Giant Black Marlin

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] After a two thousand nautical mile journey to reach the coral sea, the team encounter the most powerful and explosive fish in the ocean – the Giant Black Marlin. Experience the thrill of securing the ultimate angling prize, a 1000lb marlin. [/column][column type=”1/2″ last=”true” class=”post-description”][/column][column type=”1/1″][x_video_embed class=”my-video”] [/x_video_embed] [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h5″ looks_like=”h5″ […]

Giant Tuna Adventures

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] Giant Tuna Adventures takes you to some of the most remote fishing locations around New Zealand and the South Pacific as Matt and the team seek out the most sought after fish in the ocean – giant tuna. [/column][column type=”1/2″ last=”true” class=”post-description”][/column][column type=”1/1″][x_video_embed class=”my-video”] [/x_video_embed] [custom_headline type=”left” level=”h5″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”true” class=”rec-for-you”]Featured Videos[/custom_headline] […]

Ultimate Fishing Adventures Volume 1 – The Wanganella Banks

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] Join us on an epic fishing adventures aboard the Ultimate Lady as we venture over 300 nautical miles off the New Zealand coast to where no sport fishing boat has gone before – the Wanganella Banks. With over 50 marlin bits, you’ll get a rare glimpse of these magnificent fish in full […]

Fishing’s Greatest Hits Volume 4 – Big Snapper

Matt Watson has caught some big snapper over the years – on dead baits, live baits, lures and soft plastics, in boats and from the rocks – but more importantly they’ve caught plenty on film! All the action from the locations, tips and techniques through to bites, hookups and the big snapper battles.

How to Catch ’em and Cook ’em

[private][column type=”1/2″ class=”post-description”] Matt sets out to catch some snapper from the beach, to spear some flounder and even demonstrates how easy it is to catch your own fresh bait – and you don’t even need a boat! Then he shows you how to care for and clean fish, and prepares some no-nonsense fish meals. […]