Black Marlin – Dream Fish

Black Marlin Dream Fish

Giant black marlin fishing in 1,000 fathoms of deep water along the outer edge of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.

The Golden Fins of Montagu

Malcolm takes us to Montagu Island off the NSW coast, with live bait and light tackle to take on big ‘FINS’ and Black Marlin.

Saga of the Ribbon Reefs

Saga of the Ribbon Reefs

A trip to fish the Ribbon Reefs with Mal Florence and mates jigging and trolling with light and medium weight tackle.

Of Tigers, Sails and Crocodiles

Of Tigers Sails and Crocodiles

Estuary, reef and game fishing off Sydney, NSW, Northern Territory and Queensland, including a stand up battle with 11 feet of Tiger Shark.

Mudcrabs to Marlin

Mudcrabs to Marlin

Reef fishing for coral trout, queenfish, giant trevally and mudcrabs from the mangrove creeks of Cape Melville.