Mixed Bag

The fish rich waters of the Southern California can be some of the most productive fishing in the world. An established breeding ground and nursery for both mako and thresher sharks, these waters are also a home to a number of other hard fighting game fish. From yellowtail and white sea bass, to calicos, barracude, bonito and halibut, both the inshore coastal and island, as well as the offshore fishing here can be spectacular.

Liquid Safari

Free diver and underwater photographer, Kevin Scully, takes us on an incredible journey through the mysteries of the underwater worlds surrounding Southern California and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. Reaching depths of over 70 feet, silently suspended, seamlessly blending into the kelps and environment to capture some of the most spectacular images of free-swimming fish ever shot. Over 35 species, including marlin and huge yellowfin, white sea bass and giant blacks, yellowtail, halibut and calicos.