Snapper: Fine Tuning for Big Red

Without a doubt, the most sought after fish in our southern coastal waters is the mighty snapper. In Victoria, men, women and children are caught up with snapper fever around the end of the football season – a fever that will last until after Christmas. In other states, the fever is the same – only the start and End of the season differs. From the big time big red picks up the bait and starts his powerful run until you strike and feel those mighty tail thumps, both you and the snapper are hooked. Rex Hunt has been hooked on snapper fishing for over two decades, his skill and expertise in this type of fishing is legendary.

Estuary Fishing Bream

Fishing for southern bream in Australia’s beautiful estuarine systems is a rewarding and popular relaxing time. With their fine fighting abilities, voracious appetites and large numbers, bream provde challenges to all who angle for this top table fish. Headed by Steve Starling, our team will take you through the many facets of bream fishing.

Fighting Browns

FIGHTING BROWNS focuses on trout fisheries. But this film is more than just exciting stories of super-fit brown trout. It is also a detailed instructional guide to fishing for trout in lakes and impoundments wherever they are found. It demonstrates the hottest techniques, describes the top rigs and covers every aspect of tackle selection and its use for big water trouting.