Angry NT Boars

Tackling angry boars in the swamps of the Northern Territory.

Beach Boars

In Cape York 90% of turtles nests are destroyed by feral pigs. In this clip we hunt the beaches to protect the nests, smashing some good boars.

11 Boars Before Lunch

A quick barge run and we smash down 11 hooky boars and are home in time for lunch.

NT Buggy Hunt

Nothing beats hunting out of a buggy. More NT boars getting steam rolled by the hounds.

NT Brawlers

Some awesome crocodile footage and more awesome hitups on some NT brawlers.

Baby Crocodile

A small saltwater crocodile in the shallows we spotted while hunting the beaches.

Angry Gulf Boars

The hound’s at it again, going toe to toe with some of the Gulf’s angriest.