Searching The Great Barrier Reef

Searching the Great Barrier Reef

Heading north of the Cape York Penisula, we find some remote areas of the Great Barrier Reef, and sample the amazing fishing on offer. Along the journey we investigate why the reef is such an important Wonder-of-the-World; we also highlight some of its major threats.

Baja 1: The East Cape

From the spectacular underwater footage of free-swimming marlin and dorado feeding on bait balls, to the unbelievable power and strength of 500-pound blues airborne in 20 feet leaps., this non-stop action packed show will blow you away. Filmed entirely off the world famous waters of the East Cape region of Baja, at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez Resort. Features marlin, sailfish, dorado and incredible historical footage from the 1950’s of fishing the marlin off Baja.

Upper Murray Spinnerbaiting Tactics

Bill Classon joins Lenny Vanderwaal and local expert Dougy Blair to fish the pristine waters of the Upper Murray River for Murray cod. Together they explain how to do it, where to go and the best spinnerbaiting tactics for fishing the river from a drifting boat.
They explore the waters around Tintaldra, Walwa, Jingellic and Towong as well as experience some exciting tributary and back water action.
One of the most exciting new freshwater fisheries to come on-line for a long while!

Tuna Tactics: Bluefin

Join Lee Rayner, Adam Royter and Morné Muller as they take us through Southern Bluefin Tuna Tactics. With extensive experience as presenters at exhibitions, TV shows and DVDs, Lee and Adam are both highly entertaining and skilled teachers as they pass on their considerable experience and knowledge.
From trolling to casting, learn a variety of tips and tactics including how to rig your lines, what lures to use and how to arrange them for maximum results. You’ll see first hand how these tactics reel in southern bluefin tuna with ultimate precision. Watch the boys fight these big, tough fish that are built for pace and mobility. With your newly acquired knowledge and enthusiasm it’s time to share that experience.