Cool Water Tactics – Barra to Trout

Nige targets cold water barramundi in QLDs Burdekin River and Bill experiences a new perspective on fishing with Phil Smallman before searching for trout in the creeks and streams close to Melbourne.

Windamere Classic

Nige Webster & Steve Booth join some hardcore tournament anglers and get to test their skill against one of our native freshwater species.

Fitzroy Rockhamton Barra

Nige heads to Rockhampton in central QLD to help an angler catch his dream fish on the Fitzroy River, a place with a fabulous reputation for great fish numbers.

Corroboree & Warrnambool

Nige & Leila Carrick explore an ancient landscape in search of prehistoric fish. Then Bill investigates a fisheries project that offers anglers year-round trout fishing options.


Nige Travels to the NT in the dry season to sample barramundi fishing across very different environments: the billabongs of Kakadu National Park, the harbor around Darwin and an artificial waterway.


Nige heads to the tropics in search of a bucket list capture of holy grail proportions. The aim: to catch permit on fly fishing gear, which could prove to be the hardest mission he has ever attempted.

Mustad & Breakaway Barra

Nige heads to the Sunshine Coast with cameraman Dave Leonard to see how he will go with a fishing rod in his hands. Then Bill Classon investigates rumors of a new breed of Barramundi in the N.T.

Cape York Billabong

Nige treks into the northern wilderness of Cape York in search of a hidden billabong that promises some untouched fishing.

West Coast Cape York

Nige Hooks up with a couple of anglers on a journey down the west coast of the Cape York Peninsula, surviving off what they can catch while trying not to be eaten by the local and aggressive wildlife.

Kenn Reef Pt.2

Nige joins forces with Greg Lamprecht to travel 500 miles off shore and fish around an extinct volcano then head in search of an old shipwreck.

Kenn Reef Pt.1

Nige Webster & Troy Dixon search of a remote seamount, 300 nautical miles off shore in a reef that is reputed to be home to monster fish.

Sydney Kingfish, Fish Migration and USA Tour

We start out in Sydney Harbour trying to catch a fish for an unsuspecting angler, then undertake a scientific mission thanks to World Fish Migration Day, before finally heading to the USA on a whirlwind tour.

Awoonga Barra Journey

Nige catches up with Jason Medcalf and discovers the effects of flooding on local awoonga fish. There’s plenty of barramundi feeding action, before fishing along the flood route.

Bucket List Snapper and Old Time Fishing Challenge

We head offshore to help an angler catch a bucket list fish: the snapper. Then, we take a trip back in time, as Nige heads out on his boat with only the previous generation of gear, in search of a feed of fish.