Coral Trout Metal Challenge

Nige heads out on the water with plumber and avid fisherman Jamie, and tries to convert him from bait fishing to metal lures. Can they catch enough coral trout to change Jamie’s mind, or will he stick to his ways and continue to fish bait?

VIP Raffle Adventure

Nige takes a BCF raffle winner out on a fishing expedition, targeting both reef species and pelagics. If they can’t catch enough species across the two environments, Nige is stuck packing boxes for BCF.

Mackerel Surfing Challenge

Nige takes champion longboard surfer Nic Jones offshore, and sets a few challenges for the rookie angler. Then they hit the surf, and the tables are turned, as Nic sets Nige a few challenges of his own.

Surface Plastics and Cod

The AFN Fishing team heads to NSW to try and catch Murray cod on surface soft plastic lures: a task they have never achieved. The crew then heads to Victoria and pits two teams against each other in a unique fishing tournament.

The Brynterview

Today we conduct a job interview on the water as the team takes on a budding journalist intern. To get the job he simply has to catch a big fish! We then head north and give a barramundi pro very limited time to catch fish.

Mission ‘Shut Dave Up’

The AFN team have a ‘lippy’ cameraman that challenges Nige to better a ‘Personal Best.’ Nige and a fishing guide work hard in the tropics to silence their noisy work colleague!

Father Son Trout Challenge

The AFN Fishing Show heads to the tropics with a special father-to-son fishing challenge. A fishing guide is put to the test to catch a large coral trout on soft plastics or pay the price of failing.

Sneaky Tricks

Today we put a fishing journalist to the test: he gets one day to prove he can catch NSW luderick using an artificial technique he has written about in magazines. The team then heads to the New Zealand South Island to target trout in fast flowing rivers.

Gold Coast Trifecta

The AFN Fishing team heads to the blue waters of the Gold Coast. We enlist a game fishing crew to help us test a theory. After the shock of hearing about their strange challenge, the crew quickly get to work and take on a rough ocean.

Survivor Island

Today starts on a deserted tropical island with only a box of lures and a challenge to survive! To help us catch fish, we use the help of some touring Texan anglers. Then we target Murray cod in NSW and conduct an on-water job interview at the same time!

Gold Coast and New Zealand

The AFN team take on a multi-species fishing tournament on the Gold Coast that also aims to raise money for paramedics with a great cause. We then head to New Zealand and target cruising lake trout with soft plastic lures.

New Zealand Trout

Nige Webster joins Frank Prokop in New Zealand and puts his Aussie pride on the line – can he snare that elusive 20 pound trout?