Fraser Island Pelagics & Bass on Fly

Nige hunts down some offshore aggressors and helps one lucky angler catch a fish they’ve always dreamed of. The show then heads south to do it all again, attempting to fly fish out of a kayak as we chase wild bass with Shannon Kitchener.

Marlin on Fly

Join two mates as they spend a weekend at one of their favourite locations, trying to satisfy a lifetime goal. Matt and Nige have only ever dreamed of taming a marlin on fly – jump on board as they share the highs and desperate lows of trying to catch a fishing trophy.

Deep Water Cod & Mustad Mini-Marlin

Nige Webster sightfishes clear water cod from the rocks. Then, Nige’s nine year-old son Lachlan has been desperate to experience the thrill of marlin fishing. Will he finally get the chance to achieve his dream catch?

Exmouth Grand Slam

Bill Classon heads to Exmouth following a fishing dream: a billfish Grand Slam.

Gold Coast Trifecta

The AFN Fishing team heads to the blue waters of the Gold Coast. We enlist a game fishing crew to help us test a theory. After the shock of hearing about their strange challenge, the crew quickly get to work and take on a rough ocean.

Mackerel, Mahi Mahi & Marlin & Fitzroy Barra

We explore trolling baits for deep water species at North Stradbroke Island with Troy Dixon, before we chase some shallow water rock bar barramundi with paddletail soft plastics.

Mustad Mini-Marlin & Eildon Cod

Nige Webster and his nine year-old son Lachlan experience the thrill of marlin fishing. Will Lachy get a chance to achieve his dream catch? Then later on, Bill and Nige take AFN’s general manager Debbie to try and catch her first murray cod.