Fraser Island Pelagics & Bass on Fly

Nige hunts down some offshore aggressors and helps one lucky angler catch a fish they’ve always dreamed of. The show then heads south to do it all again, attempting to fly fish out of a kayak as we chase wild bass with Shannon Kitchener.

Bass Challenge & Snapper Hunting

Bass Challenge and Snapper Hunting

Nige Webster visits Lake Sampsonvale to help catch and gather data on the stocked bass in the lake. Then, Nige chases Australian snapper and explores their hunting habits and the behaviours of bait fish while discovering more about these awesome predatory fish.

SA Jigging & Blue Rock Bass

Nige Webster heads to Marion Bay in SA to sample the amazing scenery and the deep fishery within. Then, Bill Classon heads to Blue Rock to fish for bass and settle a rivalry between two fishing mates.

Southern Surface Bass

In a special episode, the AFN Fishing Show heads to Blue Rock Dam. We’ve heard rumors about the successful stocking of bass in the lake, and we want to see if the fishing is as good at the stories.

Timber Bass & Soft Plastic Baiting

The AFN Fishing Show goes polaroiding, as we discover some excellent bass fishing plastics amongst submerged timber. Then, we join Peter Morris and explore the basics of using scented soft plastics to fish for flathead.

Baiting Chinooks & Finesse Jigging Bass

The AFN Fishing Show heads to Bullen Merri, searching for chinook salmon. Later on in the show, Jason Ehrlich and Callum Munro try their luck jigging for deep water bass.